Our Family Tradition Continues

More than 50 years later, we thankfully remain a family run organization under the umbrella of SEC (Success Education Colleges). SEC has not only empowered thousands of women and men through quality Career Training, but it has also taken care of more than 750 Team members with the utmost transparency and grace.

SEC’s expansions have served to promote Team Members, empower the students and foster a sense of loyalty among them while continuing to experience quality growth. Marsha’s son, Mitchell Fuerst, joined the organization in 1994 and in 2010, upon her retirement, he became the President of SEC. Mitchell now leads SEC with his wife, Lisa, who is not only the organization’s Vice President, but is quite amazingly, an SEC alumna herself. Together, they have a deep wellspring of love and appreciation for all ten colleges.

Mitchell’s childhood and Lisa’s early adulthood have combined in an almost serendipitous way to create a profound passion for what they do. Their collective mission is to empower women and men, regardless of their financial or family background. SEC students are provided a practical, hands-on education that makes them competitive in an ever-changing economy and leads to successful careers. Thus, what began as one woman’s dream, a pile of debt, and 43 young women has become a thriving organization that continues to transform lives, one human being at a time.

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North-West College
Glendale Career College
Nevada Career Institute
Marsha Fuerst School of Nursing